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À propos des allergies alimentaires
Blog on different aspects of allergies. (site in French only)

Déjouer les allergies alimentaires
Site with receipies and ideas created by parents of children with allergies. (site in French only)

Guardian Angel Foods
Thanks to Guardian Angel Foods, the dry, sad and boring desserts that were once the only options available to allergy sufferers are no more. They want people with food allergies to discover the joys of sweet treats in everyday’s life as well as in special occasions without having to do any of the cooking.


ASD Consulting
Specialized programs developed to address your child's individual needs. Therapy can be individual or in a small group setting in your child's environment.

ASD Montreal
A center-based, ABA program for children with ASD using the Verbal Behaviour Protocol.

Assante Capital Management Ltd.
Many families have complex planning needs due to a special needs child or adult. In today's environment, there are a myriad or programs and regulations to be aware of when formulating a plan of this nature. We have been consulting with families in this regard, and have developed a specialized team of lawyers, accountants, notaries, insurance specialists and more that are well versed in these areas.

Astuce, Jugeotte & CIE
Their team of specialists offer developmental evaluations, socialization sessions and a teaching center for parents of children with difficulties. (site in French only)

Atelier le fil d'Ariane
Le Fil d'Ariane is a workshop for adults with limited intellectual abilities.
Au bout du museau
Zootherapy services for multi-handicapped persons. (site in French only)

Autisme Central
Their goal is to provide information and offer links to other sources of information on the web in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental disabilities.


Bail Mauricie
Favor the autonomy and integration of persons with limitations by promoting and developing adapted and accessible housing. (site in French only)


Bell Canada - Special needs centre
Telecommunications services for customers with hearing, speech, visual and other physical disabilities.


Bibliothèque et Archives nationales
The Grande Bibliothèque offers, free of charge, a range of services adapted to the needs of disabled persons. The services are aimed at fostering the integration of disabled users and facilitating their access to information, from both a physical and an intellectual standpoint. The services are for all persons with disabilities, adults and children alike.

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CAMO - Comité d'adaptation de la main-d'oeuvre
CAMO for handicapped persons is a national committee who's mission is to help the access to jobs. (site in French only)


Caring for Kids
Caring for Kids is designed to provide parents with information about their child's health and well-being. Because the site is developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society—the voice of Canada 's 2,000+ pediatricians—you can be sure the information is reliable.


Carrefour familles
Carrefour familles is a web site filled with usefull information for families with a special section for disabled or handicapped children. (site in French only)


Centre de l'épanouissement de l'enfant Pinocchio
Le Centre de l'Épanouissement de l'enfant Pinocchios ( C.E.E.P. ) is a non-profit organization which offers stimulation activities for children presenting multiple developmental delays. (site in French only)


Centre de stimulation L'Envol
The L'Envol Stimulation Center is a non-profit organization created in 1996 by dedicated parents of children having severe communication problems.


CERC (Clinique d’Évaluation & Réadaptation Cognitive)
The Clinique d'Évaluation & Réadaptation Cognitive (CERC) offers, since 2003, services for children, young adults and adults having various learning problems, behavioral disorders, or other neurodevelopmental disorders. (site in French only)


Chaire de recherche sur les technologies de soutien à l'autodétermination (TSA)
Chaire TSA regroups researchers with multiple expertise who collaborate in developing technologies for the support of self-determination. (site in French only)


Childhood disability Link
A website linking new information and knowledge on childhood disability to service providers and families.


Children's Wish Foundation


CICA Montréal
A private clinic in Montreal which offers specialized services dealing with children ages 0 to 5 demonstrating a PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) using the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).

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Clinic of consultation, intervention and training for autism
Offers services to children, adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum (autism, Asperger syndrome, PDDNOS, Rett syndrome and neurodesintregrative disorder) and to their families, siblings and the community.


Clinique pédiatrique de dysphagie et d'ergothérapie (for children with feeding problems)
Marie-Josée Tessier, occupational therapist
Telephone : (514) 235-5088
Fax : (514) 722-2384
E-Mail :


Collage Pediatric Therapy
A team of speech-language pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and play therapists working together in a practice focused exclusively on children.


Colonie SP
Site for kids who have a parent or loved one with MS.


Concept ConsulTED inc
A new service for PDD in Rivière du Loup. Concept ConsulTED Inc. offres conferences and workshops. (site in French only)


Coopérative de solidarité Espace-Temps
Their mission is to improve access to effective therapeutic services. (site in French only)


Corporation Les enfants de ma rue
Teach grade-school students the realities of the lives of handicapped persons.
638, Base-de-Roc
Joliette (Québec)
J6E 5P7
(450) 752-2608
Contact: Edith Fortier


Donald Berman YALDEI Developmental Centre
The Donald Berman YALDEI Developmental Center is a non profit centre committed to helping children with disabilities reach their full potential.


Douglas Institute
The Douglas Institute offers a broad range of specialized and superspecialized, internal (inpatient), or external (outpatient) services, which are offered through different programs: Child Psychiatry Program, Intellectual Handicap with Psychiatric Comorbidity Program, etc.


Emmanuel, l'Amour qui sauve
Their mission: help in the adoption of children with disabilities. (site in French only)


Organization which promotes and defends the rights of persons with motor deficiencies. (site in French only)


Fondation Marijo
Long-term respite for intellectually handicapped persons. (site in French only)


Fondation CORAZÕN
School for guide dogs and assistance dogs. (site in French only)


Fondation Sommeil
Their mission is to inform, help and listen to people with sleep disorders; help the people who have yet to be diagnosed recognize that they have a medical problem.

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Are you seeking a job ? Are you looking for a new place of employment? Or, are you hoping to change your career to another sector ? This site will help you find a job where you will be able to use your full potential and expertise by taking into account your disability or the charateristics of your handicaps.


Handicap Montérégie
A portal for organizations dealing with handicapped persons. (site in French only) - Petite enfance ressources
Site with information on different handicaps having a section especially for young children. (site in French only)


Hope Air
Hope Air is the national charity that helps Canadians get to medical treatment when they cannot afford the flight costs.


Iam Cares
Iam Cares is a dynamic international network of service providers who use their expertise to find innovative solutions to the occupational needs of persons with physical and/or sensory disabilities.


inov8 Educational Consulting
inov8 Educational Consulting works with educators, families and their children with special needs, to integrate highly effective assistive technology tools into their lives at home and school.


Intégration des enfants handicapés
Forum for parents of handicapped children. (site in French only)


Intégration-travail Laurentides
Helps people with disablilities integrate the workforce. (site in French only)


Joujou Récup-R
Joujou Récup-R, is a work place for intellectually deficient persons working under the supervision of the Centre du Florès. The work consists of recuperating toys, no matter their condition, in the MRC of Deux-Montagnes and south of Mirabel.
356 ch. de la Grande-Câte
Saint-Eustache, Québec J7P-1G3
(450) 974-0791


La Croisée
Integration of handicapped persons in the workforce in the region of the La Capitale-Nationale. (site in French only)


La Magnétothèque
Since it was created in 1976, La Magnétothèque, a non-profit organisation, puts audio books, and other written documents in audio format, available to persons unable to read due to visual, physical or perceptive disability.


Le Bel Agneau Therapeutic Farm
The Therapeutic Farm offers three specialized programs for children and adolescents with pervasive development disorders (asperger, autism) and slight neurological and intellectual issues. (site in French only)


Le Centre D'Apprentissage Pomme D'Api
Le Centre D'Apprentissage Pomme D'Api is a help center for troubled children and adolescents. The center provides multidisciplinary teams offering services such as: diagnostic evaluation, orthopedagogy sessions, language development programs, remedial teaching, help in school work, behavioral intervention, social skills development workshops, English workshops, preparation for private school admission and Ministère de l'Education exams.
During the summer, Pomme D'Api offers day camps for handicapped children and to those with learning disabilities.
Dannie Pomerleau (450) 654-8013 (site in French only)


Early intervention programs for children from 0 to 5 years of age with developmental delays or intellectual deficiencies. (site in French only)


Les Ateliers Éducatifs Les Petits Mousses
Early stimulation for children between 3 and 5 having developmental delays and learning difficulties. (site in French only)

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Les Ateliers Nomades de Montréal
Activities for handicapped and non-handicapped children from 6 months to 6 years of age. Science, music, arts, etc. (site in French only)


LEUCAN is a non-profit organization which promotes greater well-being and healing amoung children with cancer.


Main-forte Montréal
Main-Forte gathers people with physical disabilities to efficiently and skillfully accomplish repetitive tasks that can be done sitting at a table.


Maman pour la vie
Maman pour la vie is a web site filled with great information for children. (site in French only)


Mille Merveilles
Educational website offering resources for teachers and parents who are at-home schooling. (site in French only)


Montreal Children's Hospital


Office des personnes handicapées du Québec
This site gives you information based on your child's disability, such as organizations and resources which may be of some help to you. (site in French only)


Option Travail
Created in September 1982, Option Travail inc. is a private corporation helping the integration of handicaped persons in the Laval workforce. (site in French only)

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PACCK Foundation
PACCK is taking the leadership in the province of Quebec in developing Canine Assistance programs for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


PedaGO et PedoYoga
Site created by a mother of a dysphasique child. (site in French only)


Persons with Disabilities Online
Through the use of information technology, to provide integrated access to information, programs and services for persons with disabilities, their families, their caregivers, service providers and all Canadians.


Petit monde
In the other sites of interest section (autres liens utiles) of this web site, you will find links to governmental sites, health, child-family, etc. (site in French only)


Photograph Zabel
Zabel has experience taking pictures of disabled children. She knows it is difficult to go to a studio, so she is willing to go at home or anywhere else to photograph. (site in French only)


PIMO's mission is to work in favour of and to promote the autonomy and social integration of people aged 18 to 65, inclusively, living on the Island of Montreal, whose mobility is limited due to a physical handicap.


Programmes et services du Gouvernement du Québec (site in French only)

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RAPID promotes the development and facilitate the delivery of vital local resources that provide support and enable children and adults with special needs to participate in community life on the South Shore.


Regroupement québécois du parrainage civique (RQPC)
Citizen Advocacy (parrainage civique) matches people who need help with volunteers. These volunteers provide emotional, practical or social support such as shopping, banking or simply sharing activities both enjoy. (site in French only)


Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House® is the cornerstone of Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®). Each Ronald McDonald House provides a home-away-from-home for families of seriously ill children who are being treated at nearby children’s hospitals.


Sainte-Justine Hospital


SAIRAH (service d'autonomisation, d'intégration, et de réadaptation aux adultes ayant un handicap inc.)
Their mission: the autonomie and integration of handicapped adults.
748, boulevard Louis XIV (C.P. 34018)
Québec (Québec) G1G 6P2
(418) 990-7744


SOSsiter is a website that assists in making contact between families who are looking for sitters and sitters who want to offer their services in regular child care (nannies), occasional child care (babysitters), pet sitting and senior care. Some sitters offer services for children with special needs.


Sunshine Foundation
Sunshine is the only Canadian charity making Dreams for Kids with severe disabilities as well as life-threatening illnesses come true. In fact, 80% of Sunshine kids are challenged by a severe physical disability.


The Secure Child
The Secure Child is dedicated to enhancing children's social, emotional, and behavioural well-being. We offer many services including individual child therapy, family therapy, psychological/psychoeducational assessments, Infant Massage Classes, Baby and Me groups, parent consultation, and Parenting Classes.


Thomas Morissette
Web site created by the parents of the child afflicted with cerebral palsy. (site in French only)


Adapted travel; - Laurentians (site in French only)

Adapted travel; - Laval
Association Lavalloise pour le Transport Adapté inc. (ALTA) (site in French only)

Adapted travel; - Montréal

Adapted travel; - Québec (site in French only)

AMT (Agence Métropolitaine de transport) - The following people can use the Montreal public transportation system (train or bus) free of charge if they are accompanying a handicapped person. The handicapped person must have a card which you can obtain by contacting the Adapted travel services in you area (see web addresses above). (site in French only)

Bus service - Attendant card
Any handicapped person, eight years and older, can have free fair for their attendant while travelling by bus. (site in French only)

Taxis Coop Québec 525-5191
Now offers adapted taxi services for wheelchair bound persons.

Taxis Coop Québec 525-5191

Regroupement des usagés du transport adapté
Président: Mrs. Louisette Tremblay
(450) 431-6512

Regroupement des usagés du transport adapté des patriotes (RUTADP)
Président: M. Michel Céré
(450) 473-5209

Information for adapted air travel:

Information for adapted train travel:


A site dedicated to the visually impaired. (site in French only)


Zoothérapie Québec
Zoothérapie Québec has the mission of promoting, developing and offering prevention programs in the case where a pet is used as a stimulating agent or reinforcement in various situations. (site in French only)

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