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If you have recently view some interesting DVDs which you believe could be helpful to other parents, please let us know and we'll add it to our list.


Le Guide Info-Parents - Web version
This guide, annotated and classified by themes, includes informations about 300 resources, 1500 reading suggestions for parents, children and adolescents, as well as 600 links towards Web sites specificly designed for them.

The "Éditions de l'hôpital Ste-Justine" and the Montreal Children's Hospital offer a wide variety of interesting books. Consult the titles available on the following sites:

Here is a book that particularly caught our attention:

Au-delà de la déficience physique ou intellectuelle un enfant à découvrir
Author(s): Francine Ferland, occupational therapist
ISBN 2-922770-09-5  2001

A book containing notions on the development of your child, stimulation excercises, helping him communicate, etc.

Biblio-poche Grande-Côte
Collection of adapted documents (large print books, audio cassettes).
367, rue Godard
St-Eustache, Qc
J7P 3V2
(450) 974-5040
Carly's Voice: Breaking Through Autism
In Carly's Voice, her father, Arthur Fleischmann, blends Carly's own words with his story of getting to know his remarkable daughter. One of the first books to explore firsthand the challenges of living with autism, it brings readers inside a once-secret world and in the company of an inspiring young woman who has found her voice and her mission.
Author: Arthur Fleischmann
ISBN 978-1439194140
Collection "Au coeur des différences", éditeur Boomerang
The "Au coeur des différences" series proposes characters living with some type of difference: allergy, disease, syndrome.
  • Aie ça pique (allergy) ISBN 9782895951683
  • Hou! Hou! Simon (attention deficit disorder) ISBN 9782895952305
  • Ma grande soeur Audrey (cerebral palsy) ISBN 9782895951691
  • Mon nom c'est c'est Olivier (stuttering) ISBN 9782895951675
  • Lolo (autism) ISBN 9782895951705
  • Un orage dans ma tête (epilepsy) ISBN 9782895952312
Déjouer les allergies alimentaires, recettes et trouvailles
Receipes for food allergies.
Author(s): Marie-Josée Bettez et Éric Théroux
ISBN 2764401922  2003
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Le syndrome d'Asperger et le milieu scolaire
Asperger syndrome and school.

Author: Brigitte Harrison, social worker
ISBN 2-922933-02-4

Les Traumatismes crâniens
A parent's guide for those suffering from cranial trauma.

Author: Louise Veilleux, nurse
ISBN 2-921858-52-5  1998

Malformations congénitales de la main
Early treatment for congenital anomaly of the hand.

Authors: Isabelle Coursol, Christine L'Écuyer, occupational therapists
ISBN 2-921858-53-3  1998

*Peut contenir des traces de bonheur
More than 100 receipes and tips for those who suffer from food allergies. (in French only)
Send in the Idiots: Stories from the Other Side of Autism
In 1982, when he was four years old, Kamran Nazeer was enrolled in a small school in New York City alongside a dozen other children diagnosed with autism. Calling themselves the Idiots, these kids received care that was at the cutting edge of developmental psychology. Twenty-three years later, the school no longer exists.

Send in the Idiots is the always candid, often surprising, and ultimately moving investigation into what happened to those children. Now a policy adviser in England, Kamran decides to visit four of his old classmates to find out the kind of lives that they are living now, how much they've been able to overcome and what remains missing. A speechwriter unable to make eye contact; a messenger who gets upset if anyone touches his bicycle; a depressive suicide victim; and a computer engineer who communicates difficult emotions through the use of hand puppets: these four classmates reveal an astonishing, thought-provoking spectrum of behavior.

Author: Kamran Nazeer
ISBN 1582346194

Stratégies thérapeutiques pédiatriques chez le polytraumatisé
Therapeutic strategies for pediatric multi-trauma patients.

Authors: Monique Blondin, nurse & Christin Coillard, doctor
ISBN 2-921858-09-6  1996

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Is a murder mystery of sorts--one told by an autistic version of Adrian Mole. Christopher John Francis Boone is a 15-year-old boy, mathematically gifted and socially hopeless, raised in a working-class home by parents who can barely cope with their child's quirks. He takes everything that he sees (or is told) at face value, and is unable to sort out the strange behaviour of his elders and peers.

Late one night, Christopher comes across his neighbour's poodle, Wellington, impaled on a garden fork. Wellington's owner finds him cradling her dead dog in his arms, and has him arrested. After spending a night in jail, Christopher resolves--against the objection of his father and neighbours--to discover just who has murdered Wellington. He is encouraged by Siobhan, a social worker at his school, to write a book about his investigations, and the result--quirkily illustrated, with each chapter given its own prime number--is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

Author: Mark Haddon
ISBN 0385659806

Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism or Other Developmental Issues
Toilet training can be a battleground for parents and children. In this book-the only one on the market dealing with the specific issues involved in toilet training children with autism-Maria Wheeler offers a detailed roadmap for success, based on over twenty years of experience.

Author:Maria Wheeler
ISBN 978-1932565-40-2

Tricoter avec amour
Le Conseil de la famille et de l'enfance published an outlook on the family life with handicapped children.
To consult this document: (in French only)