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If you have recently read some interesting material which you believe could be helpful to other parents, please let us know and we'll add it to our list.

Disability now
British magazine reporting news of disabled people.

Cybermagazine for the family and early childhood. (site in French only)


L'Inclusif is a Québec newsletter reporting news concerning disablilties. (site in French only)


Ouch! Disability Magazine
BBC micro-site deals with questions concerning persons with disabilities.

Revue francophone de la déficience intellectuelle (RFDI)
Revue francophone de la déficience intellectuelle (RFDI) has a mission of giving the results of various research done in the field of intellectual deficiency. (site in French only)
Revue santé mentale au Québec
Adapting to the concerns of various periods, the journal has succeeded in rallying all mental health professionals around mobilizing themes, and reflect their preoccupations and conceptualisations.
Yanous! is the first French-speaking electronic magazine and portal dedicated to disabled people and disabilities. It reports the current events about the topic "handicap" in France, features an international press release, columns about every day's life, sport and leisure activities, specialized materials and information about various physical and mental deficiencies, a wide panorama opened on the life and the necessities of the handicapped people in France and worldwide.