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A pattes de géant
A pattes de géant is a new company which offers services to children with special needs. (site in French only)
Au bout du museau
Zootherapy services for multi-handicapped persons. (site in French only)

Centre de Zoothérapie de Granby
Zootherapy for special needs children and adults needing therapy. (site in French only)


Clinique Amis-Maux
A private multidisciplinary clinic. (site in French only)


Corporation des zoothérapeutes du Québec
Promote the use of animals as partners in therpeutic situations. (site in French only)


Domaine l'autre monde
For disabled people 4 years and older (physical, intellectual,visual, autism, Downs syndrome, etc.) (site in French only)


Institut de zoothérapie du Québec
L'Institut de zoothérapie du Québec offers two levels of formation. (site in French only)


L'empreinte Zoothérapie
Certified zootherapist and special education teacher.
Contact: Rose-Marie Marie Marquis
tél : 514-998-3743


Magali zoothérapie
With the help of zootherapy, help those with limited capacities reach a functional and social autonomie. (site in French only)


Muzelo zoothérapie
Therpeutic and holistic interaction between animals and humans. (site in French only)


Un museau vaut mille mots
A zootherapy and speech therapy clinic. (site in French only)


Zoothérapie Québec
Zoothérapie Québec has the mission of promoting, developing and offering prevention programs in the case where a pet is used as a stimulating agent or reinforcement in various situations. (site in French only)

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