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Respite Centres

Region : Abitibi (8)


Association pour l'intégration sociale Rouyn-Noranda
L'Association pour l'intégration sociale (AIS) is a non-profit organization. (site in French only)


Region : Capitale-Nationale (3)


Bottin des ressources
Resources for respite services in the Capitale-Nationale region for persons with physical and intellectual deficiency or autism. (site in French only)

Camp "O" Carrefour
CAMP "O" CARREFOUR situated on île d'Orléans, is a plein air center which organizes respite camps and vacation camps for intellectually and/or physically disabled persons. (site in French only)

CPE Le Jardin Bleu
1750, boul. Benoit XV
Québec (Québec)
G1L 2Z6
Phone: (418) 525-6323

Laura Lémerveil
Offers respite services during the weekend and and during school breaks (Christmas, Spring break). (site in French only)

Le Petit Répit
Offers at-home sitting services.

Little Fireflies' House
The Little Fireflies' House offers specialized respite and stimulation services for children 0 to 12 living in the greater Quebec City area. We are able to serve up to twelve children at a time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our services are geared toward children living with intellectual, physical or multiple disabilities, and children with pervasive development disorders.

Maison Répit Maurice Tanguay
Respite services for intellectually handicapped persons of those suffering from PDD. (site in French only)

Projet Oasis (IRDPQ)
The Projet Oasis is a sitting service for physically disabled children or those having a cognitive deficiency for the greater Qué region.
Parents can reach the students enrolled in the project at the following email:

Service Cité Joie Répit
The Service Répit offers animated respite services (cultural, sporting and artistic activities). (site in French only)

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Region : Chaudière (12)


Le Grand Village
Situated on the edge of the Saint-Lawrence river, the Centre de plein air Grand Village welcomes persons living with a physical or intellectual deficiency. It offers vacation camps and weekend respite. (site in French only)

Region : Côte-Nord (9)


L'Espoir de Shelna
Respite center L'Espoir de Shelna offers the same services as a day center: activities, respite, care-taking. L'Espoir de Shelna offers its services for Minganie, from Sheldrake to Natashquan.
(418) 538-3672
Email :


Region : Eastern Townships (5)

Centre d'éducation spécialisée Les Funambules
Offers respite services. (site in French only)
La maison Caméléon de l'Estrie inc
La Maison Caméléon de l'Estrie offers respite to families living with persons having physical, intellectual or multiple deficiencies.
Les Résidences Monchénou
Les Résidences Monchénou offers permanent housing and respite services for intellectually and physically handicapped persons. (site in French only)
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Region : Gaspésie (11)


La maison Maguire
Situated in Saint-Omer(Gaspésie), "La maison Maguire" offers respite services for disabled persons during the summer period as well as during a certain period in the fall and winter. It offers day camp services as well. (site in French only)

Maison de la famille Parenfant
Community organisme in Gaspé which supports parents living difficult family situations. They occasionally help parents of handicapped children. (site in French only)

Region : Lanaudière (14)

L'Entraide pour la Déficience Intellectuelle du Joliette Métropolitain
Organization which offers activities and respite services for intellectually handicapped persons in Joliette.
For information:

Les Répits de Gaby
The "Repit de Gaby" is a specialized service that makes it possible for parents to entrust their autistic children to caregivers for a day or for the weekend.


Maison Clémentine
La maison Clémentine is a non-profit organisation offering repite services in the Lanaudière region, to families living with an intellectually or physically deficient person, autistic or having suffered a brain injury. (site in French only)


Maison de Répit Nyssa
Offers various respite services. (site in French only)


Répit Louise Vendette
Respite during the week or weekend, 2 places available for the night and 4 for day respite. Situated in St-Roch-de-L’Achigan in Lanaudière. (site in French only)

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Region : Laurentians (15)


Aux petits plaisirs
This is a respite service for children having physical, intellectual and neurological disabilities in the region of Sainte-Thérèse-de Blainville. To register your child, you must contact your representative at "Le Flores" or contact the CSSS of Thérèse-de-Blainville.

La Maison des parents d'enfants handicapés de Laurentides
La Maison des parents offers services for families of handicapped children.


La maison du Bois-Joli enr.
Situated in the Laurentiens, "La maison du Bois-Joli enr." is a family style resource offering respite services, daycare services, etc.
70 ch. Cambria
Mille-Isles, (Québec)
J0R 1A0
Téléphone : (450) 431-4772
Courriel :

Maison de Répit chez Kate
Offers respite services for families with special needs children in the Laurentian area. (site in French only)


SonGe Répit
SonGe RÉPIT offers at-home services for caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Téléphone : (450) 327-5157
Courriel :

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Region : Laval (13)


Services du Chat Botté
The Services du Chat Botté offers week-end respite for those suffering from PDD. (site in French only)


Region : Lower Saint-Lawrence (1)


Auberge la Clé des Champs
L'Auberge la Clé des Champs is a vacation camp for persons living with one or more disabilities. (site in French only)


Offers respite services to families living with an autistic person or intellectually/physically disabled person. (site in French only)


Region : Mauricie (4)


Respite and daycare center

154 Toupin
(819) 691-2471


Services de répit
Respite services for families living with disabled people in the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec region. (site in French only)

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Region : Montérégie (16)


Amis-Temps des Bois-Francs
A multifunctional respite house for children with intellectual or physical deficiencies, PDD or polyhandicapped.

101, rue D'Aston
Victoriaville, Québec
G6P 9N9
(819) 604-3019
Courriel :

Centre de jour l'envol du Haut Richelieu
The "Centre de jour l'envol du Haut Richelieu" offers activities for persons between the ages of 15 and 35 with physical, organic or sensory problems, and to their families and friends who would like to be voluntary accompanying adults. L'ENVOL offers recreational, sports, cultural, social and educational activities which meet the needs and abilities of its members. (site in French only)

Centre Louise-Bibeau
The "Centre Louise-Bibeau" is a non-profit organization that offers respite services for families caring for an intellectually handicapped person. (site in French only)

Centre Mon Phare
Respite services for handicapped persons.
(438) 257-0967
Email :

Couette et trottinette
Couette et trottinette opened its doors in 2008. Located in Rigaud, this home is a resource for autistic children and those afflicted with PDD between the ages of 2 and 12. It is also possible to enroll a child with other handicaps as long as the resources available meet the child's and the parents' needs.
Email :

Fondation Marijo
Long-term respite for intellectually handicapped persons. (site in French only)


Hameau des Marguerites
Offers services for children 6 to 12 years old (with intellectual deficiency, PDD, hyperactive, etc). Offers respite for 13 to 17 years old 4 times a year. (site in French only)

La maisonnée de l'ABC
90 route 104
St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu (Québec)
Secteur St-Athanase
Phone: (450) 357-1717

Le Centre de répit-dépannage Aux Quatre Poches
This respite center is a unique resource in Quebec. It is one of the only places to take in children between the ages of 3 and 20 having moderate, severe or profound intellectual deficiency with/without physical handicaps. Almost 50% of the children have PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) including autism, Asperger, or Rett. Among the rest, many have Trisomie 21. (site in French only)

Les Amis-Soleils de St-Bruno
"Les Amis-Soleils de St-Bruno" is a non-profit organization offering adapted activities for children, adolescents and adults having an intellectual disability and/or developmental difficulties. This organization has existed for 20 years in the St-Bruno-de-Montarville region and is sponsored by the regional Lions Club. (site in French only)

Maison de répit à la campagne
Our mission is to offer respite services to natural families with a child with an intellectual disability or pervasive developmental disorder (i.e. autism), without a behavioral disorder.
These people will experience a country living environment in a relaxing atmosphere. They will be exposed to animal therapy sessions, to farm work opportunities involving garden maintenance, and open air activities of a family nature throughout the 4 seasons of the year. Each activity will be adapted to the capacities and needs of the person.

Maison de répit Bétournay
82, rue Bétournay
St-Lambert(Québec) J4R 2S2
Phone: (450) 923-9666

Maison de répit l'Intermède
La Maison de répit l'Intermède offers respite services for those suffering from an intellectual deficiency and/or PDD with or without a physical deficiency. (site in French only)

Maison-répit Le Tournesol
Phone: (450) 455-8986

Pavillon Bruno-Dubois
Respite home for families in the Érable region. (site in French only)

Répit le Zéphyr (site in French only)

Répit TED-Autisme Montérégie
Respite home for people suffering from autism. (site in French only)

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Region : Montreal (6)


Centre de répit Philou
The Centre de répit Philou is a private not-for-profit, charitable organization that welcomes physically disabled children of up to five years of age for periods that can vary from one day to three weeks at a time.

Centre-Notre-Dame-de-Fatima offers repite-housing services. (site in French only)

Fondation Point de repère
Respite services for youngsters and housing for adults. (site in French only)

Maison de répit La Ressource
Our respite house is a government-registered non-profit organization which is managed by the parents of mentally disabled children and by people who care about their neighbours and quality of life.

Maison Répit Oasis
Maison Répit Oasis is a non-profit community organization situated in Ville-Émard in Montréal. La Maison Répit Oasis offers respite to intellectually handicapped persons. (site in French only)

Rehabilitation Centre Marie Enfant
For many years now, the Rehabilitation Centre Marie Enfant has been making its residence and respite unit available to all children who need temporary or permanent accommodations.
The residence unit is a daily living environment that acts as a substitute to the family home, which can accommodate 20 children with multiple disabilities.

Residence and Auberge Papillon
For the past twenty-five years, Residence Papillon has been working in the community with only one goal: To significantly improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and their family by offering them a stimulating and warm respite service.

Répit-Ressource de l'Est de Montréal
This non-profit organisation offers respite services and support for families caring for a person suffering from mental illness. (site in French only)

Une heure pour moi
Offers repite services for families who has one child followed by a mental health professional. (site in French only)

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Region : Sag-Lac (2)


Groupe Espoir
Le Groupe Espoir offers three types of services: respite-daycare, an early stimulation program as well as courses and information. Le Groupe Espoir is in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean in the Dolbeau-Mistassini region.

Respite-daycare: This service offers temporary lodging for handicapped persons allowing families some time off. During during school time, this service is available from Friday to Sunday as well as on pedagogical days and holidays. During the summer period, the center is opened every day 24 hours a day. Qualified employees oversee the quality of the services and accompany the children in their daily activities.

Stimulation: In order to encourage learning, independence and social integration of the clients, a specialized teacher is present during the respites. She plans, organizes and participates in various activities and outings, stimulating the various spheres of independence. (site in French only)

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Services common to all regions

CLSCs, according to them, offer various family support services, such as a respite-sitter program. An amount of money is given annually to certain families to help alleviate the cost of respite services. If your child is of school age, there exists a financial program to help for pedagogical days. Note that the services and conditions differ depending on the CLSC. (site in French only)

The Lighthouse, Children and Families
Founded in 1999, the Lighthouse, Children and Families contributes to the wellbeing of children whose lives are threatened by illnesses that require complex treatment, in order to support and guide their families.

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