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School Age Children

As your child gets older, your thoughts turn to school. Which school will they be able to attend? How can I prepare my child? What are the resources available in my area? Below, you will find information we have gathered, but we recommend you contact your School Commission.

Here is a list of special needs schools. The schools are classified by region but we recommend you contact the school because, in some cases, they accept students from other regions as well.

You can also visit the following web site for more information: (site in French only)

Region : Capitale-Nationale (3)

École de L'Envol
The school offers services for children having one or more of the following: intellectual deficiency; visual handicap with an intellectual deficiency; psychopathological syndrome; physical handicap with an intellectual deficiency; atypical deficiency. (site in French only)
École Joseph-Paquin
Specialized school for children with hearing problems or severe language problems (dysphasia). Preschool secondary 2. (site in French only)
École Madeleine-Bergeron
École Madeleine-Bergeron is a specialized school for children with physical handicaps. (site in French only)
École Oraliste de Québec pour enfants sourds
"École oraliste de Québec" is a specialized school for severly deaf children. Their program is based on the use of spoken language. Its mission is to prepare children for a regular social and scholarly integration. (site in French only)
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Region : Eastern Townships (5)


École Du Touret
École Du Touret schools children suffering from intellectual deficiency and it is the reginal service center for severe intellectual deficiency and for PDD. (site in French only)

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Region : Lanaudière (14)


Centre L'Avenir
The FIS formation gives adults with intellectual or physical disability a chance to receive basic competences. (site in French only)

Centre Multi-Service des Samares - Formation à l'intégration Sociale
Social integration program for adults with adaptation difficulties. (site in French only)

École Esther-Blondin
This regional school for severly deaf children between the ages of 4 and 13, covers Laval, Laurentians and the Lanaudière area. (site in French only)

Region : Laurentians (15)

École des Érables
This school offers specilized services to 100+ students between the ages of 4 and 21 years old living with moderate to serious intellectual deficiency. (site in French only)
École de l'Horizon-Soleil
This school offers specilized services to students living with moderate to severe intellectual deficiency in the Rivière-du-Nord school board section. (site in French only)
École secondaire Cap-Jeunesse
This highschool offers adapted schooling to intellectually disabled children and well as those suffering from PDD. (site in French only)

Region : Laval (13)

Centre L'Impulsion
Centre L'Impulsion offers a social integration program for intellectually handicapped adults. (site in French only)
École J. Jean-Joubert
École J. Jean-Joubert is a stimulating school for the deaf. (site in French only)
École Jean-Piaget
This school greets children between the ages of 4 and 21 having various degrees of physical and intellectual diabilities. It services the regions of Laval-Laurentians-Lanaudière. (site in French only)
Vanguard School
Offers services adapted to elementary and high school students who have serious learning difficulties.
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Region : Montérégie (16)

Académie Zénith
Académie Zénith will offer pedagogical activities for intellectually and/or physically handicapped children 21 years and older. (site in French only)
École Bel-Essor
"École Bel-Essor" belongs to the Marie-Victorin School Commission which greets children between the ages of 4 and 12. Although the school welcomes children from a diversity of nationalities, French is the language of choice for teaching. The children attending this school come from about 15 towns in the South Shore area and are transported in adapted vehicles. (site in French only)
École Jacques-Ouellette
This school specializes in children having a visual disability. It is important to note that for a child to attend this school, he or she MUST have a visual handicap which falls within the school's criteria. If your child is treated by "L'Institute Nazareth" and Louis Braille or the CNIB (The Canadian National Institute for the Blind), your child will be admitted. Some children with visual handicaps can be integrated in a regular school with the help of Jacques-Ouellette school which, through a special group of teachers, will give support for adjustments, specialized material and educational methods. Children who have either a physical or intellectual handicap or motor skill problems along with their visual handicap may attend this school if they meet the criteria for their visual disability.
1240, blvd. Nobert
Longueuil, J4K 2P4 (Québec)
tél : (450) 670-2951
fax : (450) 670-5517
École J.P.H. Massicotte
This specialized school's main objective is to rehabilitate children, adolescents, and young adults having an intellectual handicap or learning disabilities. (site in French only)
École Marie-Rivier
This school specializes in children having various degrees of intellectual disabilities associated or not with a physical or sensory disability, children with PDD or mulithandicapped. (site in French only)
École Notre-Dame
This school opens its doors to students having a moderate intellectual disability between the ages of 13 to 21 years old. (site in French only)
École René-Saint-Pierre
École René-Saint-Pierre offers special services to students having learning disabilities and to handicapped students. (site in French only)
École secondaire spécialisée du Vent-Nouveau
École du Vent-Nouveau is a specialized school for 12 to 21 year old. It offers services for various degrees of intellectual deficiencies with or without associated physical or sensory deficiencies.
5030, Orchard
Longueuil (Québec)
tel: (450) 677-2641
fax: (450) 678-8063
École Saint-Jude
École Saint-Jude is a specialized school for deaf children. (site in French only)
REACH est une école pour des enfants ayant une déficience intellectuelle et/ou autiste. (site en anglais seulement)
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Region : Montreal (6)

Annexe la Passerelle
Preschool for 4 and 5 year old with a slight physical handicap. (site in French only)
Centre Académique Fournier
Its mission is to help children having behavior disorders associated or not with learning difficulties by giving them the tools to reintegrate into a regular school. (site in French only)
Centre François-Michelle
This primary and secondary school greets students from the ages of 4 to 21 years old living with a light intellectual deficiency and who's progress is slowed by problems associated with: language, perception, motivity, behaviour. (site in French only)
Centre pédagogique Lucien-Guilbault inc.
Primarily a school for children with learning difficulties, the Center has evolved over the years but still remains focused on establishing a school organisation based on childrens' needs, cognitive research and social and educational trends. (site in French only)
École de l'Étincelle
"TEACCH" classes for children with PDD and with communication problems. (site in French only)
École Gadbois
École Gadbois greets children between the ages of 4 and 13 years of age. These children are either deaf or have difficulty communicating. The school also has children who have disabilities associated with their deafness: physical or intellectual, neurological problems, learning difficulties, etc. (site French only)
École Irénée-Lussier and Annexe
For children with intellectual deficiencies with or without any associated problems (deafness, autism). (site French only)
École Joseph-Charbonneau
Joseph-Charbonneau highschool devotes itself to the education and rehabilitation of children from the region of Montréal and the western part of the province of Quebec. It greets children between the ages of 13 and 21 having serious motor and sensory deficiencies. (site in French only)
École le Tournesol
The school offers services to 2 groups of students 4 to 21 years of age: the first having moderate to severe intellectural deficiency associated or not with other difficulties; the other group consists of autistic children associated with an intellectual deficiency. (site in French only)
École le Sommet
This school greets children having intellectual disabilities, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), psychopathology from preschool to high-school.
École Lucien-Pagé
This high-school offers the same schooling to deaf students then to regular students. (site in French only)
École Marc-Laflamme
This school greets children between 5 and 12 years of age experiencing difficulties due to their mental health. The education covers the regular program from preschool to 6th grade, as well as a special-needs program. (site in French only)
École Saint-Enfant-Jésus
A school in the Montreal School Commission offering specialized services for deaf or blind children. (site in French only)
École Saint-Pierre-Apôtre
Program adapted for preschool and elementary students with an intellectual deficiency. (site in French only)
École Victor-Doré
This primary school greets 173 students from many different regions, having physical, intellectual and motor skill disabilities. (site in French only)
Giant Steps
The mission of the school is to provide the child with a Pervasive Developmental problem (PDD) with an individually adapted and comprehensive education, and to integrate, him/her into regular school settings.
John Grant High School
To offer a program of study to help students who are struggling academically in the regular program as well as students with mild to severe learning difficulties.
Montreal Oral School for the Deaf
The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf offers both direct and indirect intervention to hearing-impaired students according to their needs and abilities. Direct services include full-day programs, daily intervention, and itinerant services. Indirect services are offered to students on a less frequent basis.
Office for Students with Disabilities at McGill
The assistance offered at the OSD targets a wide variety of situations, from medical diagnoses to mental health issues and anxiety disorders, and also includes long term support to accompany students with Learning Disabilities, ADD or ADHD, Asperger's and autism.
Peter Hall School
Accepts pupils from 4 to 21 years of age who are intellectually handicapped with or without associated handicaps without distinction to race, language or religion.
Service d'aide à l'intégration des élèves (SAIDE)
Its services help students with hearing, visual impairement or any permanant physical limitations. (site in French only)
The Little Red Playhouse
The Little Red Playhouse is a private preschool dedicated to preparing children for kindergarten and for life by cultivating a love of learning and encouraging empathic social interactions. They operate concurrently under the management of La Fondation Place Coco, whose mission of successful integration of children on the Autistic Spectrum amongst the general population of the typical children at the preschool is unique in Quebec.
Vanguard School
The three private Vanguard Schools are located within the Greater Montreal area and serve approximately 700 students. The primary mandate of Vanguard is to offer educational services, in both languages of instruction, to students at both the elementary and secondary levels, with serious learning disabilities.
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Region : Outaouais (7)

Centre Jules-Léger
The center offers preschool, elementary and secondary services to students with ADD with or without hyperactivity, deaf, blind, or deaf-blind. (site in French only)

Services common to all regions

Other sites of interest

Adaptation scolaire
List of private schools offering services for special needs children. (site in French only)

Association québécoise inter-universitaire qui regroupe les conseillers aux étudiants en situation de handicap (AQICESH)
AQICESH is an association of advisors working in the Quebec university environment, whose role is to assist students with disabilities in accessing university facilities, services and academic accommodations.

Canada Access Study Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities
The CSLP offers Canada Study Grants and Canada Access Grants (CSGs and CAGs) that are specifically designed to assist full both full- and part-time post-secondary students with permanent disabilities. Consult our site at the following address for more information:

Centre de documentation de la Commission Scolaire de Montréal (Montreal School Commission - Documentation center)
On this site, you will find organizations, documentation, web sites, resources and tools for handicapped students. (site in French only)

Comité consultatif des services aux élèves handicapés ou en difficulté d'adaptation ou d'apprentissage (CCSEHDAA) for the Commission scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries (CSDGS) (site in French only)

Allow children, who can not go to school because of their illness, to continue their studies by providing the equipment for virtual schooling. (site in French only)

Fédération des comités de parents du Québec
This section will help you to find good tips and informations to facilitate these steps and accompagny your child in his school adventure.

Fédération des Commissions Scolaire du Québec (Federation of the Quebec School Commission) (site in French only)

Online Schools
Financial Aid for Disabled Students - listing of numerous scholarship options for students with disabilities that range from national financial aid opportunities to local opportunities within the United States and Canada.

Projet Intégration sociale des enfants handicapés en milieu scolaire (A site dealing with the integration of handicapped children in schools) (site in French only)

Quebec Association for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities (QAPSD)
The QAPSD is a non-profit organisation which was created on April 21, 1991 by students with disabilities with the support of the Confédération des organismes provinciaux de personnes handicapées du Québec (COPHAN).

Special Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC)
The role of this committee is to: Advise the school board on a policy for the organization of educational services for students with special needs. Advise on the allocation of financial resources for the provision of services intended for these students.

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