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Some daycare centers will accept children with disabilities. Call your local daycare center to ask if they will take your child. Note that in most cases, the waiting list is very long due to the fact that two places must be freed in order for one place for a disabled child to be available. Some daycare centers will also request that your CLSC fill out a form detailing your child's specific needs in order for him or her to be put on the waiting list.

If your child receives a supplement for handicapped children from the government, the daycare center may be able to receive a grant for the purchase of special needs equipment or for an accompanying adult for more difficult periods during the day.
For more information, visit the following web site: (site in French only)

Here is the information we have so far. We are requesting your help in letting us know if any daycare centers in your area are willing to take children with disabilities.  

Region : Capitale-Nationale (3)


CPE Les P'tits Trésors de V.B.
Established in 2004, this CPE of 60 places has reserved places (6 to 8) for special needs children.
5270 Ste-Geneviève
Val-Bélair, Québec
G3K 1A3
Telephone : (418) 843-7797
Fax: (418) 843-3553

Region : Chaudière (12)

Offers services to children with special needs. (site in French only)

Region : Eastern Townships (5)

CPE Coop Le Bilboquet
Open since 1982, CPE Coop Le Bilboquet offers an open and interactive teaching method. (site in French only)

Region : Laurentians (15)

CPE Les Bourgeons-Soleil
Take note that this daycare center of gives priority to children with special needs and that in the near futur, places will be reserved for them.

793, rue Saint-Louis
Terrebonne, Quebec
Canada J6W 1J7
Telephone: (450) 964-0244   Fax: (450) 964-0266
Email: or

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Region : Montérégie (16)


Les Joyeux Calinours (site in French only)

Region : Montreal (6)

Organisme "J'me fais une place en garderie"
This resource is intended for families living in Montreal with a child suffering from a disability or a developmental delay in motor functions. This disability or developmental delay may be associated or not with another sensory or intellectual disability, or even a global developmental delay.

Regroupement des centres de la petite enfance de l'île de Montréal
Le Regroupement des centres de la petite enfance de l'île de Montréal (RCPEIM) is a non-profit organization which plays an important role in the services offered in daycares. (site in French only)

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Region : Sag-Lac (2)

CPE Les Petits Poussins
Take note that this daycare center accepts children with special needs.

2120, rue Gilbert
Jonquière (Québec) G7S 3N6
Telephone: (418) 548-2247

Services common to all regions

Intégration sociale des enfants handicapés en milieu de garde (ISEHMG)
Intégration sociale des enfants handicapés en milieu de garde (ISEHMG) is a provincial community organization. Their mission is to facilitate the integration of disabled children in daycare services. (site in French only)

Papillon Daycare
Papillon Daycare is a place where disabled and non-disabled children learn and have fun together. It enables children living with a physical and/or intellectual disability to develop thanks to its stimulation centre, the Jardin des Papillons. Finally, it allows children to attend daycare thanks to Transport Papillon.

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