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Equipment and services

Region : Capitale-Nationale (3)


Atelier formes et couleurs
Specialized equipment for physically disabled children including Snoezelen rooms. (site in French only)

Since it's foundation in 1997 Ergolab has dedicated itself to providing safe equipment to people with limited mobility to help maintain a certain degree of independence.

Sale, installation, repair of equipement for persons with limited mobility.
1150, des Émeraudes
Charlesbourg, QC , G2L 3M6
tel: (418) 561-7673

Region : Eastern Townships (5)



Makers of flexible hyperbaric chambers.

Region : Lanaudière (14)



Au Coin Du Pédaleur inc.
Au Coin Du Pédaleur inc. is one of the biggest manufacturers of tricycles in Canada. They make stabilizing wheels which can be added to a regular bicycle giving the opportunity to people suffering from problems with their balance, to ride a bike.

La Joujouthèque
Where you can rent toys for stimulation of handicapped children.
50, rue Thouin
Repentigny (Québec)
tel: (450) 477-4116
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Region : Laurentians (15)



Adaptation Accès-cible enr.
A company which specializes in making and adapting all types of equipment for handicapped children (cushions, different types of supports, postural seating, etc )
1021, rue Principale
Bellefeuille (Québec) J0R 1A0
tel: (450) 438-5162

La jouetterie
La jouetterie, in Blainville offers a wide selection of new educational toys for the whole family. The only boutique of its kind in the region.
tel: (450) 435-5373 (site in French only)
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Region : Mauricie (4)



Produco : With the knowledge of creators, nurses and seamstresses, Produco adaptes or develops everyday articles or clothing to help make the lifes of people with limited mobility easier.
(819) 472-5255 (site in French only)

Region : Montérégie (16)



Adapted equipment M.C.L.
Johanne Guay adviser
Longueuil (Québec)
tel: (450) 442-4111


Cabinetmaking, mechanics, modifications, construction
Brossard (Québec)
tel: (450) 676-7144

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Region : Montreal (6)



Entreprise Luc Qui Luc
Installation of automatic door openers, etc.

Region : Sag-Lac (2)



Centre d'autonomie
Medical and orthopedic supplies

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Services common to all regions

Adapted bikes and tricycles
Contact your Physical Rehabilitation center for more information or the following address: (site in French only)
Adapted sport garments
Adapted clothing for the practice of sporting activities.
Belize Bicycle
Belizle Bicycle is an importer, manufacturer and distributor of adult tricycles, tandem tricycle, electric bicycles, power assist tricycles, gas scooters, trail bikes, folding bikes, trikes, tandem bicycle and push and kick scooters both folding and non-folding.

Bridges helps people to develop effective Assistive Technology [AT] solutions for their professional, personal or education environments.


Centre de suppléance à la communication orale et écrite
Centre de suppléance à la communication orale et écrite is a non-profit organization who's mission is to develop expertise in communication replacement. (site in French only)

Création Confort
Creation Confort Adaptive Clothing is developing, manufacturing and marketing comfortable clothing for the disabled/handicapped that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the incontinent or wheelchair-dependent person.
Diapers for older children and adapted clothing
Diapers for older or larger children are difficult to obtain. Drug stores offer standard baby diapers or adult sized diapers which may not necessarily fit your child. There exists a company from which it is possible to purchase diapers (incontinence and reusable swimming diapers). They offer delivery depending on where you live. No matter where you live in Quebec, Distribution D. Lemay They will be happy to help you. They also offer adapted clothing and footwear.

Incontinence products (a company in Boisbriand)

Did you know that the CLSC has a program which reimburses the purchase of diapers?
Contact your local CLSC for more information. However, be ready to be switched from one person to another. Few people at the CLSC know this program exists. Persevere!

Disabled Parking Permit
Consult the following site for information concerning the disabled parking permit:
A reusable eye patch from DrPatch, which fits all eyeglasses, can help in orthoptic treatments. Kids and adults alike love to wear them because they're so colorful, fun and effective.
ERP Group
Their aim is to remove all the obstacles in everyday life that can become problems when joints are weak or mobility is limited. We therefore offer our respected customers innovative therapeutic solutions, unique exercise products, accessories for daily living and a complete line of rehabilitation products.
FDMT entreprises
This company imports and distributes many products which can be helpful for therapists, hospitals, schools, sport instructors, or anyone involved in physical, mental and intellectual development.
FPI Sensations
FPI partners with TFH to bring to Canada innovative, multi sensory rich products that promote inclusion, independence, choice and fun for ALL. We also design and consult on multi sensory environments (MSE).
Garaventa Lift
Garaventa Lift - Specializing in Home Elevators, Wheelchair Lifts and Evacuation Chairs
The original kicksled.
Izzy Camilleri adaptive clothing
Fashionable line of clothing made essentially for seating clientele.
Kid Companions Chewelry
Kid Companions Chewelry, is a pendant that functions as a chewable, wearable or attachable sensory tool for individuals with special needs. It is a discreet and age-appropriate alternative to traditional oral motor and fidget toys.
Koolway Sports
Line of custom designed coats and outerwear for individuals confined to wheelchairs.
Life Jacket-Adapted
Safe and reliable lifejackets designed for people of all ages with reduced mobility.
Magie-Mots inc.
A Québec based company which distributes and produces equipment (in French) for children with learning disabilities and speech impairments. (site in French only)
Maison André Viger (1994) inc.
La Maison André Viger has specialized products in pediatrics. Products such as Strollers, Wheelchairs, and positioning cushions. They also offer vehicule and residential adaptation. They offer a wide variety of products and services and they will gladly share their expertise to help you make the right product choice.
Mode Handicap
A young company dedicated to improve your life quality if you suffer from clothing restrictions, or make tasks easier for caregivers who are working with disabled individuals every day…

Oralys specializes in the development of technologically advanced augmentative and alternative communication solutions. Our innovations are the result of long-term collaborations with respected speech therapists, language pathologists, and several University researchers.


Orthofab specialises in the development and construction of products to improve the lifes of its customers.

Orthotic, prosthetic, and equipment paid by the RAMQ (Quebec Health Insurance Plan)
All persons insured under the Quebec Health Insurance Plan who are physically disabled and who meet the programs eligibility requirements is eligible for financial aid.

If you are insured under the Québec Health Insurance Plan and meet the program's eligibility requirements, you have the right to:

  • the purchase, adjustment, replacement, repair and, in certain cases, adaptation of walking aids, standing aids, locomotor assists and posture assists as well as their components, supplements and accessories;*
  • the purchase, adjustment, replacement and repair of orthotics and prosthetics.

*The program does not cover three-wheeled or four-wheeled scooters, but does cover the adjustment and repair of these devices if they were paid for by the "Office des personnes handicapées du Québec" prior to November 12, 1998.

If you are covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Program, go to be following web site:


Makers of flexible hyperbaric chambers.

A company that offers specialized products to help in the daily life of physically challenged people. (site in French only)

Programme Ministériel des aides techniques à la communication (PMATCOM)
The Programme Ministériel des aides techniques à la communication, (PMATCOM ) is a program of the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (MHSS). The program lends equipment to the handicapped persons to help them overcome certain disabilities.

Prince Felix
A company that offers specialized products to help in the daily life of physically challenged people.
Sammons Preston
Provider of rehabilitation products.
School Specialty
Products for special needs and more.
Snug Vest
The Snug Vest inflates to provide adjustable and evenly-distributed pressure to the sides, shoulders, and back of the torso for a comforting hug-like squeeze without pressure placed on the stomach or chest.
Solution sensée
Specialized and OT products
Special Needs Car Seat
It is possible to obtain a reimbursement for a specialized booster seat. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Call the SAAQ at (418) 528-3421 or 1 800 525-7719 to obtain a form for adapting your vehicle.
  2. Ask your occupational therapist to evaluate your child in order to determine which seat is best for your child.
  3. Contact the following suppliers to get pricing for the seat:

    Montréal :
    SOS Rehab
    Telephone : (514) 737-3422
    Fax : (514) 1 800 671-6844

    Québec :
    Telephone : (418) 682-8300
    Fax : (418) 682-8302

  4. Send everything to the SAAQ with a doctor's attestation of your child's condition (they accept photocopies) :

    Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec
    Direction de la réadaptation
    Demande d'aide financière pour l'adaptation des véhicules
    333, boul. Jean-Lesage, N-6-34
    Québec (Québec) G1K 8J6

Special Needs High Chair
Information is available at your local CLSC.
Provides products that address the needs of people in every stage of life, helping serve the occupational concerns of not only occupational therapists, but speech therapists, physical therapists, and educators as well.
Adapted tricycles.
Wike Bicycle Trailers
Special Needs Bicycle Trailer.
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